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Feature StoryBeverly Gray portrait list

Feature StoryAndrew Svisco of Parkhurst list

Stepping up for America, style, and family

Feature StoryRock Boyz list

Clean Shave

Feature StoryPrentice Fellowship list

Making a difference for Next-Gen business leaders

Feature StoryChris Keller list

Feature StoryMerry Constantino, the founder and principle of ProductLogic.

Feature StoryDominique Thomas list

Feature StoryIvan Rippy of Smart Shopper

Feature StorySu Sanni of WeDidIt

Move to Buffalo leads to financial success for WeDidIt

Feature StoryThe Najah savory sauce line: owner Bisharo Ali shows product to a new customer

In Focus: Najah brings success to Somalian refugee

Feature StoryMarcus Sharp founded Parking Lot Buddy, which helps drivers locate their best parking spot options.

Feature StoryApril Baskin, the founder of the College Simulation Experience.

College Simulation Experience is no textbook startup

Feature StoryChristian Johnson list

In Focus: Christian Johnson creates device to make driving safer

Feature StoryPhenominal Xpressions list

Phenominal Xpressions, a boutique that brings people together

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