SomaDetect and Valley Agricultural Software Announce API Integration

SomaDetect, a 43North winner and Buffalo- and Canada-based precision dairy technology company, and Valley Agricultural Software (VAS), the world’s largest provider of dairy management software, have announced SomaDetect’s technology will be integrated into VAS’s software application programming interface (API).

The announcement follows SomaDetect’s CAD $3.9M funding partnership with Sustainable Development Technology Canada to pilot their sensor technology across North America. VAS is based in California.

The integration with VAS’s API will enable SomaDetect’s software to synchronize with any milking equipment using VAS’s dairy herd management software, DairyComp. This means that dairy farmers using DairyComp can take advantage of SomaDetect’s technology without having to replace their existing cow identification systems. Cow identification is a critical component in track individual cow health management.

“We are excited about this integration with VAS, and the support they have shown towards the advancement of our technology. We are supporting dairy as it moves into a new era of data generation, management, integration, collaboration, and insight development that will improve efficiencies and increase profitability for producers,” said Bethany Deshpande, SomaDetect CEO.

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