Buffalo introduces parking app

No more digging through the car for quarters or running out of restaurants after breaking a dollar for change. In June, the City of Buffalo unveiled Buffalo Roam, an app on your phone that allows you to pay the meter fees for parking with the push of a button, The Buffalo News reported.


According to local media, Buffalo Roam was created by Passport, which is a mobile payment software company that services cities, universities, and private companies, according to its website. The company has created parking software for cities including Boston, Chicago, Detroit, and Miami, among others.


In addition to allowing drivers in Buffalo the ability to pay to park by phone, the app allows them to track how long they have remaining to park and add time if needed. The Buffalo News reported the app is free to download, but a ten cent service charge is included for credit card charges to Passport each time a person uses the app to park.

Source: http://buffalonews.com/2017/05/30/2022402/ 

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