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Blue-collar demeanor leads to entrepreneurial success

Buffalo, a city defined by its hard-working and resilient citizens, has seen an uptick in successful startup companies in recent years. This success can undoubtedly be credited to the blue-collar qualities that the individuals of the Queen City possess.

These traits, handed down from generation to generation, are the backbone of the city and a definitive reason why Buffalo is in the middle of an economic revival.

Below are a few attributes that encapsulate the spirit of Buffalo.

Sense of Community: Buffalo is nicknamed “The City of Good Neighbors” for a reason. The city of Buffalo has long been known as one that cares for its fellow man. Whether it’s helping someone shovel a car out of a driveway on a blustery January morning, or simply supporting a local business, the people of Buffalo are there for one another when it really counts.

From an entrepreneurial standpoint, that holds true as well. A local project called 43North is a perfect example. Since its founding in 2014, the competition, made possible by the Buffalo Billion initiative, has donated $5 million each year to local startup companies in need of capital. Where else can you find a community that is willing to help to that extent?

Resiliency: There was a time when the Buffalo economy was spearheaded by steel mills and manufacturing plants, but those days have come and gone. When those factories closed, the abandoned buildings created major eyesores in the downtown area.

Over the course of the last several years, tremendous strides have been made by the local government to revitalize areas of downtown Buffalo, such as Canalside and the Outer Harbor, and entrepreneurs have refurbished vacant factories for office space and restaurants. Although the city has been through some difficult times, it clearly has the ability to come back better than ever.

The Underdog Factor:  Nationally, the city is known for its cold weather and unsuccessful sports franchises, but savvy entrepreneurs see beyond the perception of a downtrodden community. While some may not think of Buffalo as a premier location to start a business, these smart startups recognize that residents of the city comprise a workforce with the resolve and determination to help them achieve tremendous success.

While Western New York may not be foremost on the minds of entrepreneurs or investors, these and other desirable factors should convince the startup community to give the Queen City a second look.  

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A native of Western New York, Brock has worked in the field of writing and public relations over the past several years, while also gaining a master’s degree from Canisius College this May. He has worked for several universities and professional sports teams in a public relations capacity during that time, and has always kept a love for writing. In his free time Brock enjoys hiking, history, reading and watching as many baseball and football games as he can.   
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