IVR Technology Group launches PrestoPhone, Buffalo's first unified communications as a service

IVR Technology Group, who recently merged with Buffalo’s startup foundry Argyle Technology Group, announced on August 8th the first major product launch of the merged company, PrestoPhone.

The product is a full-featured VoIP (Voice over IP) phone platform hosted in the cloud, with all of IVR Technology Group’s products available as add-on services and integration with popular CRM and productivity software from companies like SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft, and others.

“PrestoPhone is the culmination of our nearly 20 years of building, acquiring and integrating IVR and voice technologies,” says Akash Desai, President of IVR Technology Group. “Now we can offer one platform that ties together everything we do from advanced IVR menus to pay-by-phone and call tracking.” Akash is also quick to note that PrestoPhone is a product known as UCaaS or Unified Communications as a Service.

According to Akash, a customer such as a municipal utility company would use PrestoPhone to unify all their voice communications under one service which can include all their people in the field with tremendous improvements in efficiency. And since PrestoPhone can connect to their Oracle customer database, it can be used to send payment notifications, service disruption notifications, accept payments over the phone, send out surveys and more. “With everything under one platform,” Akash continues, “we can offer dramatic cost savings to our customers.”

A relatively new enterprise software category for the cloud, UCaaS was first coined in 2014 and has rapidly become a global industry trend. With Gartner projecting that the cloud computing market will swell to $162 billion in just three years, it’s one of the fastest growing technology trends. Now Buffalo has a new flag in that market.

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William Irvine is an expert in business-building and operations management. He has founded four successful tech startups, created tech departments in two ad agencies, and is now launching his fifth tech startup back in his hometown of Buffalo. He's always on the hunt for what's next.
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