Dough cones in time for Independence Day

It’s delicious, it’s different, and apparently, it’s the latest trend in desserts.

For some sweet tooth lovers in cities including New York City and Montreal, edible cookie dough already has replaced the traditional ice cream cone. Here in Buffalo, with summer and the Fourth of July upon us, cookie dough cones now are available at the new area business called Dough Boyz in the Walden Galleria Mall.

For many people, the words "cookie dough" conjure memories of what mom's cookie-making bowl looked like, what the kitchen smelled like and the fun it was when you were able finally to lick the spoon. These memories are what led Joe Frankabanderio, owner of Dough Boyz, to embark on his new business.

“We have such great memories of mom cooking in the kitchen every holiday from the Fourth of July to Christmas," he says.

Of course, in many kitchens, cookie dough eating was a free for all until around the 1980’s. That’s when a study came out about the potential for illness from the raw eggs in the batter. For years, people would still sneak a pinch here and there, but in the back of their minds, many worried about getting sick. At Dough Boyz, these worries disappear. Eggs are not used to make the dough, so the risk of sickness is eliminated.

At the Galleria’s newest specialty dessert “restaurant”, customers can choose from flavors including the Classic Chip, Monster M&M and Peanut Mother Butter. The dough is scooped out like ice cream and even served in ice cream cones and cups, with options to add extras and make a sundae. Customer Julie Blake of Buffalo tells UpstartNY, “I eat here because the dough tastes ten times better than the actual cookies.”

Frankabanderio started the business with his dad Patrick and plans to open additional locations.

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Jill Gugino is a nurse examiner and freelance writer living in western New York. Her published works can be found in Buffalo Spree, Reminisce magazine and The Buffalo News. She currently is heading up a news publication for a local ski area. Jill is married with children and makes her home on the shores of Lake Erie.  



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