Neighborhood Revitalization

Feature Story Fred Daniel, left, and co-owner Rey Ramos in their Westside eatery.

Freddy J’s serves up good food and a solid business plan

Feature Story Dale Holt, Tina Grant-Holt, and Reginald Ingram cut the ribbon on their new space, along with Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown and Buffalo Council President Darius Pridgen.
Feature Story Dan Shanahan list

All the world’s a stage … with the right vision

Feature Story Beverly Gray portrait list
Feature Story Rock Boyz list

Clean Shave

Feature Story Black Monarchy list

Black Monarchy celebrates diversity and culture through fashion

Feature Story Get Fokus'd list

Artists, taste makers, and inspiration leaders

Feature Story Pilates Art Studio list

Pilates Art Studio strengthens Five Points Neighborhood

Feature Story Evolation Yoga list
Feature Story Stephanie Cole list

LOSA: Helping professionals see it, work it, and build it

Feature Story Barrel Factory list

Barrel Factory gives new life to old factory

Feature Story Five poins list
Feature Story Green Eats owners list

Food entrepreneurs find success in Buffalo