Buffalo featured in multiple city 'best of' lists

The revitalization that is taking place in Buffalo is astonishing. The pulse of a city on the brink of a new renaissance beats quicker every day.

And it’s not only the residents of Buffalo who are noticing the city's burgeoning appeal. Buffalo is catching attention across the country once again, and not for sports this time (or rather, not only for sports.) 

Buffalo has been featured or mentioned in several “Best Of Lists” in the recent past, which can only mean the economic and social boost is far from stalling.

Here's a sampling of those mentions:

1. Entrepreneur.com— 8 Cities Whose Entrepreneurship Communities Are Booming

Buffalo is almost at the top of this list, ranking #2 behind only San Francisco. The post is complimentary of Gov. Cuomo’s implementation of the "Buffalo Billions” fund, the project he proposed and instituted that aims to invest over a billion dollars in Buffalo. The 43North competition is supported by the Buffalo Billions initiative, which requires startups to relocate their companies to Buffalo for one year to enter a contest that could win the start-ups funding and prizes.

2. National Geographic— Top 10 Food Cities

Buffalo gets an impressive #3 spot in this tantalizing list, which includes such exotic places as Lyon, France and Chennai, India. Of course, the Buffalo wing is the only food mentioned, but Buffalonians know that there are other culinary experiences besides the famous chicken appendage.

3. Inc.com— Forget Silicon Valley. Move Your Startup Any of These 3 Places

The article points out that many of the “traditional” places for startups to flock to, like Boston or New York City, may have outrageously high rent or not enough availability for a brick and mortar business. Remote workers are becoming more of the norm, so Inc.com presses that physical location may not be as vital to start-ups as they may think. 


4. Time.com— The 25 Cities Where Millennials are Moving

Millennials are still seeking out large metro areas like Los Angeles and New York City to make their home, no surprises there. But Time.com has discovered that smaller cities are where most millennials are headed. Buffalo ranks 12 out of 25 on this list, just below the Philadelphia/Camden/Wilmington area and above San Antonio. The Buffalo area saw a 6 percent rise in millennials, young adults ages 25-34, in just a half decade 2010-2015.

5. Travel and Leisure— America’s Favorite Cities 2016

Buffalo ranks #1 on this list, surprising everyone except perhaps native Buffalonians and recent visitors. Travel and Leisure note the unexpected victory taking place primarily for one reason: Buffalo is highly underrated.

T&L mentions the outstanding food options, from high-end to local favorites, the revitalization of Canalside and Riverworks, and the charm of Buffalo’s historic architecture. Also, it goes without saying that Buffalo is more affordable than most major cities in New York State. Criticism goes only to Buffalo’s weather, something well known to all the USA anyway. Tourists are just encouraged to visit in the warmer months.

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Jennifer is a full time travel professional, blogger, and freelance writer born and raised in Buffalo, NY. Her hobbies including traveling, reading, cooking, and spending time with family. When she's not working, you will find her out enjoying the unique and wonderful things her beloved city of Buffalo has to offer.
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