Experimac, 716 Limousine team up to bring unique computer repair service direct to the customer

When West Seneca entrepreneurs Jeff and Gina Siepierski opened Experimac - Orchard Park in November 2016, their mission was quite clear: to provide the underserved Southtowns community with reliable Apple product support. With their mission accomplished and the business showing sales improvement month to month, the husband and wife team recently moved to phase two of their business plan: to bring expert repairs and service direct to the customer, anywhere in Western New York, via their one-of-a-kind “RepairPod.”

To accomplish their new goal, the business owners have teamed up with 716 Limousine LLC to offer a service that is unique to the Western New York marketplace. Businesses large and small can now schedule on-site services and repairs with Experimac — such as iPhone battery replacements, iPhone screen repairs, and a variety of other repair services — that take place in a specially equipped passenger limousine featuring a work station, WiFi, and power.

“We wanted to grow our business beyond the Southtowns,” said Jeff Siepierski. “It’s easy for companies to find support for PCs, but Apple has always been more of a challenge. Now we can bring the support right to the doorstep of a business, and grow our business in the process.”

The biggest challenge associated with this innovative new venture was finding a vehicle capable of handling computer repair-related tasks. Gina Siepierski then contacted 716 Limousine, a company with which she had a previous business relationship, to discuss this unique business opportunity. The local transportation company agreed, liking the idea of exposing their limousines to more business owners and the general public.

“Finding a transportation partner was our biggest concern, but 716 jumped on the idea right away,” Jeff added. “From there, it’s just been getting the word out about the service and following up on leads. We’re getting a lot of inquiries from businesses trying to better understand the program and how it can benefit them and their employees.”

The first company to contact Experimac - Orchard Park for the on-site “RepairPod” service was a local fitness center that brought in the tech team as a convenience for their clients. While their fitness members enjoyed spinning class, Experimac employees were busy replacing batteries and fixing cracked screens. When class was over, the fitness enthusiasts were reunited with their freshly repaired iPhones.

“Underserved marketplaces are now a thing of the past,” said Jeff.

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Joe Kirchmyer is the owner of Kirchmyer Media LLC, co-owner of BuffaloScoop.com, and executive director of the West Seneca Chamber of Commerce. He can be reached by email at [email protected].
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