Editor's letter; March 2020

As we present this issue, things are changing on a daily, hourly, minute-by-minute basis. Things we thought we knew are no longer. What we did yesterday is now outmoded, and it’s impossible to anticipate what tomorrow will bring.


We’re all facing the same unfathomable reality as the COVID-19 pandemic threatens humanity on a global level.


These stories were written earlier in the month prior to the novel coronavirus developments, and we know that it’s a surreal feeling to try to maintain any sense of normalcy. However, we want to continue to share stories of our region and sector with you, so we are choosing to proceed with this issue.


In this month’s stories we highlight women leaders, who are, like the rest of us, dealing with a constantly changing landscape. These circumstances have also brought to light the importance of food sources, supplies, and access to it. We prepared a story about an entrepreneur and founder of Food Nerd, who is working with her team to healthier and easier options for people in Western New York and beyond, and offer that now.


In coming months, as things change for the better (we hope), we will still face a different future, as a people, a culture, a country, a planet. Businesses must quickly pivot in the new environment. Our focus will be on how some of these businesses are adapting and helping the community. We must also recognize that the economy will need to recover, that people have to make money to feed themselves and their families. Watch for more on 43North winner Clean Slate UV, a Buffalo-based company with a device-disinfecting technology that could play a significant role in addressing COVID-19.


New ideas will grow from the challenges our society and culture are facing, and creative solutions will be required. We’ll be reporting on those New York businesses who are facing these challenges head on.


Take care of yourselves and each other.


Jana Eisenberg

Managing Editor

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Jana Eisenberg is a Buffalo-based freelance writer/editor. In October, 2019, she was named managing editor of UpstartNY. She grew up in Los Angeles, called NYC home for 20 years, and now enjoys telling the stories of life in Western New York.
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