Community Voices: East Buffalo's Alexander Wright

I am a proud resident of East Buffalo. I was born here and have seen many changes to the place I call home. I am elated to be part of some of these changes.


Noticing food deserts in my area, I founded the African Heritage Food Co-Op. We have successfully brought fresh fruits and vegetables to well over 1,000 people since we began in August 2016. We also partner with organizations such as Meals on Wheels to bring hot meals to the seniors in East Buffalo.


There is an upsurge of new businesses springing forth. There are plans for the Northland Corridor which includes hydroponics and office incubators. The Bailey Green project should also provide healthy alternatives and jobs for individuals.


There are also many new entrepreneurs developing in East Buffalo. Many are familiar with Mr. Bell of Jim Bell Dry Cleaners, Mr. Stits of the Golden Cup Coffee, and Mr. Hodgson of Hodgson Dry Cleaners as old stalwarts of the East Buffalo business scene. However, people like Laura Crump of “I’m Woke Apparel” and Dante Baston Griggs of “Chase the Dream” Enterprises are lesser known upstarts who are making a splash.


There is even youth who are making a name for themselves. For Example 15-year-old Zandra Azariah Cunningham of Zandra Natural Bath and Body. And our own entrepreneurial program Kiddie Kickstand that works in conjunction with Buffalo Slow Roll.

Upon his visit, Mr. Obama said that Buffalo was on the move. This is definitely the case and we plan to only do better.
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