Patient Pattern

Patient Pattern is a healthcare start-up company that was originally founded in western Connecticut where it operated virtually. The company has developed a web-based application to alleviate the growing complexity in navigating the health care system and diagnosing and assessing geriatric needs, for elderly patients. Patient Pattern’s software gives doctors, home health care providers, health care advocates, family members, and patients themselves a platform to develop highly customized and comprehensive care plans, resulting in greater control and optimal outcomes. Patients, with input from medical professionals and caregivers, undertake a validated assessment through a smart survey. The end product results in a comprehensive care plan that summarizes the patient’s current situation, tracks progress or decline and delivers recommendations along the way to improve decision-making and preparedness. Patient Pattern provides their services to local care management companies, post-acute care programs, hospitals and home care agencies to help them understand how to best care for their complex patients.


(212) 202-1212
701 Ellicott Street
Buffalo, New York 14203

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