Formarum Inc. is a Canadian Corporation offering swimming pool and spa solutions that integrate new technologies to improve water quality. The company was established in 2012, centered on a successful and award-winning water disinfection project that has received positive acclaim and support from the industry, government, and academia. Members of Formarum’s research and development team are strongly involved with other arenas of process engineering and design which has garnered significant success.

The most notable result of these activities to date is their selection as a top three team in Canada to present in the 63rd Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference which will be held in October 2013.This highly successful research and development team gives Formarum an edge in development and commercialization of ground-breaking solutions that promise effortless swimming pool and spa experience, with impeccable safety and reduced costs. Formarum is also partnering with non-for-profit organizations such as H2O 4 ALL to develop and implement sustainable water solutions in developing countries. Formarum is currently developing water disinfection technologies that will drastically improve the condition of potable water for underdeveloped communities, by providing effortless and reliable water solutions that do not demand technical installation and operating expertise in regions where these skills are scarce.


640 Ellicott Street
Buffalo, NY 14203

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