Creative Motherhood

Creative Motherhood is a group of experienced women to assist Moms-To-Be in the journey of birth. 

The pre & post natal team is made up of five experienced women to assist in many different facets of this time. Molly McDermott- Certified Hatha/ Prenatal and Postpartum Yoga Instructor assist you in the physical and emotional preparation of childbirth through the use of yoga postures, breathing techniques, relaxation and sounding. Molly is also a Birth Doula supporting women and their partners in childbirth and post-partum.
Joining her are also birth doula's, Rachel Carreras Tibold and Nicole Maples Covert.   Nicole also assists in Child Birth Education, while Rachel educates women on the use of essential oils during pregnancy and after birth.  
Chiropractor Dr. Jaela Agnello and Licenced Massage Therapist Amy Hartl are also part of this team. Dr. Agnello is passionate about women's health. She has  gained additional training in the Webster technique, which helps in preparation in positioning the pelvis for birth. This technique is specific in restoring the biomechanics of the pelvis in pregnant women. Amy, Board Certified in the state of New York has advanced training and hands on experience with prenatal massage and massage after birth to assist with body discomfort, enhancing lactation and decreasing the effects of depression associated with the hormonal imbalances after birth.   


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