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Abstract Architecture was formed on the belief that any design project is a partnership between the client and the Architect. That partnership will foster a passion for the built environment and good design, while still upholding a strong belief in sustainability and environmental conscientiousness. As a company, the approach to each project is to listen to our clients, taking pride in a design that will meet the needs of the individual, yet always keeping one eye on what is good for the planet.
While Abstract Architecture is a young firm, its history is rooted in over ten years’ experience in all aspects of the industry, with a successful track record in a wide variety of project types. While we can provide expert design services for nearly any project type, including educational, healthcare, hospitably and commercial, Abstract Architecture’s primary design type is residential, both single and multi-family. Simply put, we love cool houses, it’s what we do!
As a company, there is a belief that work should be successful and profitable, yet most importantly enjoyable. In order to provide clients with an excellent end product, it is important to foster a relaxed work environment, collaborative and non–corporate. Staying small works for us, and in our opinion, small isn’t bad. We know we can meet the demands of our clients, and we use our size to our advantage; fast, responsive and agile are perfect words to describe Abstract Architecture.
It is important to provide consistent and open communication throughout the design process, and we look forward to collaborating with clients to execute their architectural vision. We approach even the smallest space believing that it should be well thought through, so only imagine how hard we think about big things. 

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